Intentions can never be seen. 10x10

Petya. 18x12

Edna. 10x13

Prince of Affairs (study). 5.5x7.5

Carol En Robed. 13x10

Paintbrushes & Hat. 10x9

Girl With Earbuds. 10x7.5

Character Study. 11x8

Skipper Tacking. 15x16

Golden Lady. 26x18

Maya. 13x11

Her. 12x16

My Manet. 8x10

Vysekal. 14x17

Untitled. 12x11

Rehearsal. 8x10

Petya. 15x11

Great Expectations.19x13

Breezy. 7x5

Water Dance. 7x5

Lounge. 10x12

The Red Sweater. 10x9

Studies. 9x16

Studies. 9x16