Clouds Over Roanoke Ave. 8x12

Big 'Ol Cherry Tree, 14x21

Race Day, 16x25

Farm Forms. 8x15

South on Townline, 12x16

Needs Work, 12x16

Rain on a Mustard Field, 12x16

Tractors & Wind. 8 x 14

Shard of Light, 13x20

Mustard Field. 14x18

A Different Day, 24x22

Fog at Smith Corner Preserve. 11x17

Storm Approaching Anderson Farm,11x14

View From The Shade. 6x12

Red Tractor. 8x13

Red Tractor. 8x13

Depth of Field. 14x22

Posted. 11x12

Hot Day in an Open Field. 11x14